Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Storm and links and nothing in particular

Well, another day, another snow storm.  We had the strangest weather all week.   We luckily had a gorgeous day Tuesday when I had to drive to Charlottetown to get my knees done.  I sure wish I had thought of bringing my camera with me.  We finished up in Charlottetown just as the sun rose and the morning shadows in the fields were breathtaking!

Wednesday brought snow, then freezing rain and then rain and then dreadfully strong winds so most of the snow was gone.  And then I went window shopping for a new sewing machine.  (why are they so expensive???????)  Then today's snow storm happens...  and it ain't over yet!

In any case, I got very little done this week.  Long story short, we needed a new electrical breaker panel and some wiring repairs so it was kind of nice sitting and relaxing and looking through old magazines that day since we had no electricity for about 3 or 4 hours. Generator came in handy a few times so thank God that is over and done with! (Can't flush the toilet when you need electricity to power the motor that brings water from your well!)  I know...   TMI

Since I don't have anything remarkable or even boring to show you, I thought at the very least, you might like this link on very old stitching patterns from the "Antique Pattern Library".  I love the Dillmont DMC books (books are in alphabetical order 2nd column from left I believe).  My Mother brought some of those books with her when she came to Canada in 1950.

This isn't stitching but I came across this blog and really want to try to make one of these roses.  Don't know where I will use it but it just looks so easy!
The blog is Heidi Bears.

And here is Kirsten Chursinoff who shares her stitching art.

Some photos from todays snow.
This was at 8 this morning looking out the front window.

 We then headed for a little drive west of Summerside and saw this:
Marsh pond on the south shore

The icy Northumberland Strait (that mound of ice is about 15 to 20 feet high):

And finally, sunrise yesterday morning!


Saw this on twitter..  a thought provoking video:

 When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven't.

~ Thomas Edison


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