Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paintings - I'm just a beginner!!!

This is an acrylic painting i did about 5 or 6 years ago? It is the second painting i ever did. My mom has the first. This is a house i saw up west on PEI at Milligan's Wharf. It took me absolutely weeks and weeks to learn how to put shadows under the spruce trees on the left. And the house probably has about 40 coats of paint on it as i just couldn't get it to look the way i wanted.

My older brother and his wife went to Provence in France for their anniversary and were kind enough to send me some pictures. The next piece is the second pastel i had painted. Of course, each time i look at it, i can see where i should do things differently.

And finally, this is the first pastel i did.

Well, i think i am seeing that i am a "Jack of all Trades/Crafts" but a master of none!! lol...

After i did a few painting, i rediscovered stitching and quilting and left the painting behind.

And since i am posting photos of my various hobbies/crafts, i guess i should post one of me biking. This is a photo of me biking past a potato field in blossom yesterday.... If you know of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the faster an object goes, the smaller it becomes. Well, quite obviously, i am such an accomplished biker, that i was speeding along so fast, that you are unable to detect me in the photo with the naked eye! (but, that is a field of potato blossoms taken yesterday!)

Enjoy your day!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hardanger and Paper Pieced Quilt Wallhangings

Well, there has to be a better way to get these photos in the blog than what i am doing!
This is the first paper pieced wall hanging i did. Again, the colours are just a touch off, but its pretty close. The instructions for this piece were super easy to follow and i loved the final outcome! There is a close up of one of the pointsettas below.

I tackled this paper pieced wall hanging next. It is 16 1/2 inches by 24 inches. The little blocks are 2 3/4 by 2 3/4 inches.

And, this is the second hardanger piece i ever did. I find that hardanger looks terribly complicated and difficult, but most people who learn how to do it, find it so much easier to do than regular cross stitch and having to follow a cross stitch pattern.

And that's it for today! I wanted to see if i could get this done a bit quicker than last nights 3 hours and it took very little time today.
I have a project that i did for my knitting needles and crochet hooks coming up next! Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Faith Sampler

Well, I am slowly learning what blogging is all about, i think. I am also trying to figure out how to take photos of my stitch work. All the pictures I took today are too dark, but I HAVE to post something before you start throwing rotten eggs at me, so I retook some pictures of my first sampler. It is the Faith Sampler and I believe it is by Emie Bishop. I did this sampler about 12 to 15 years ago. The photos are not very good, but I will take other photos in the next day or so and have some better posts to follow!

It was a great starter sampler as there were so many different stitches in it to learn, and as well, it was my first piece where i had to cut threads, remove some, and reweave others. I did this sampler out of a shop in Grimsby, Ontario which unfortunately, is no longer there. We did it as a SAL and there were about 20 of us that met once a month for about 10 months to get it done.

Okay, I am also learning that when I convert files from RAW format to JPG, to not make the pixels too small or the detail will be lost! sigh.... I think I need a secretary!!

Here are some close ups of the sampler:

Well, I must tell you, that Blogging is actually quite stressful!!! lol... Forget trying to fit all the pictures in and then having them disappear!!!! While taking a picture of the hardanger piece below, my dog Skyler decided she liked it alot (or maybe she didn't like it!!) so she grabbed it and I had to chase her around the yard to get it back!!! Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the chase, but, both the hardanger piece and the dog are safe; no injuries to either.

And finally, I will attach a photo of the "offending" dog, who is being a comedian trying to get my attention while I am taking photos. She must have been mad that I took this picture, because it is right after this that she took the hardanger piece!!!

Well, I think that is it for me tonight! Alot of lessons learned and hopefully it will be easier next time!

Friday, July 10, 2009

At the sea....

Today, Cavendish is filled with cars and people and noises and country music!

Wish I was there tonight to rock to "Big and Rich"! "Save a horse, ride a cowboy!" Hey, I've been saying that for years! WAHOOOOO!!!

The beach is hot and inviting!
No stitching allowed on the beach!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

International Space Station

Just an added note to say that the International Space Station will be highly visible over the Atlantic region this evening, starting in the south west at approx. 9:49 p.m.!

Summers Day

July 9, 2009

A lovely summer day! Spent the day in the yard weeding, watering, feeding and enjoying the sun.

Stitching "The Green Old Garden" by Elizabeth's Designs right now. Have just started it. Will post a photo of my progress as soon as i can!
Going to the sea after dinner for a walk along the beach. Tomorrow is another day!
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