Friday, April 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up!


It's been a while! Well, in the midst of my quilting and stitching, my mother, who is 85 years old, decides to visit for Easter. (She lives almost 2000 kms away) While she was here, I showed her all the lovely stitching I have been doing. She looked at them all, said yes, they were nice and then asked me to stitch something "useful" like an eyeglass case for her! LOL Yes, she is back at home and I am finally off my nerve pills!

I have her eye glass case stitched by the way, though I don't have it made into an eye glass case yet. She wanted a Ukrainian design from her area of Ukraine so hopefully she will be happy with my choice of pattern and colours.

Anyways, for anyone who posts to their blog regularly, I applaud you! But I ask... Where on earth do you find the time! The nice weather has finally come and I find myself outside weeding the garden, pruning trees, riding my bike and yes, evenings, when I am too tired to move, I stitch. So, no time to blog!!! And even though I beat my friend from Spain in our SAL of the Black Sheep Sampler (do I sound like I'm whining?), she posted hers to her blog first! Here is my completed stitching:

In the time that I waited for her to finish the Black Sheep Sampler, I started and finished The Green Old Garden Sampler. Boy did I ever love stitching this one!

And when I finished this one, well, I had to start another! Quite a while ago, I bought a book by Jane Greenoff which was pictured in a Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine. Wow!!!!! Great book and it has some wonderful samplers in it! There are some samplers at the back with drawn or pulled thread that I will keep in mind for the future! Anyways, I fell in love with the Wild Hedgerow House Sampler and so started it. Its progress was delayed by the "useful" eyeglass case! This is where I am now:

Close up, upper right corner

Spring is actually a bit early here on our island and we did have some nice weather but we have also had alot of rain which I am not thrilled with. It does make everything green though! Today is a special day on parts of the island. Lobster season opens up tomorrow, so the fishermen are allowed to go out today and set their traps and tomorrow they can pull in the first catch! So there is lobster on the menu in our near future! YUMMMMM!!!!!
This is a picture of the boats as they are laiden with traps ready to go out, and be thrown into the water.

Enjoy your spring and may summer find its way to you early!

Happy stitching!