Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wonky Eyeglass Case

Well, my mother is going to think I hate her when she sees the eyeglass case! What a mess!
If you ever want to make an eyeglass case and think you don't need a pattern, like I did, because, hey, how hard can it be!!!? TAKE NOTE, YOU NEED A PATTERN! There is alot to be said about the words "PLAN, PLAN, PLAN"!!!!!! And I didn't plan. sigh....... hence the wonky eyeglass case. Anyways, it is done and pictures, taken from as far away as possible, are here:

She better have a really small pair of glasses because I think that is all that is going to fit inside there!
To take your mind off the eyeglass case, I am hoping to interest you with some pictures. Unfortunately, our allotted 12 minutes of sunshine today came when I did not have my camera for photos, so we have our usual drab cloudy pictures. The first one shows the vastness of the farm fields, all starting to get plowed in preparation for potato and wheat planting.

I was able to walk the beach in North Rustico this morning before breakfast and came across a tiny little shell with stuff growing on it.

And after breakfast, we went to the Cavendish National Park Campground for a walk in the trees. Hard not to find peace when the winds are whispering in the spruce trees and the birds are singing!

Well, I better get started stitching another eyeglass case for my mother to make up for the mess I made with this one! Have a great day!