Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paintings - I'm just a beginner!!!

This is an acrylic painting i did about 5 or 6 years ago? It is the second painting i ever did. My mom has the first. This is a house i saw up west on PEI at Milligan's Wharf. It took me absolutely weeks and weeks to learn how to put shadows under the spruce trees on the left. And the house probably has about 40 coats of paint on it as i just couldn't get it to look the way i wanted.

My older brother and his wife went to Provence in France for their anniversary and were kind enough to send me some pictures. The next piece is the second pastel i had painted. Of course, each time i look at it, i can see where i should do things differently.

And finally, this is the first pastel i did.

Well, i think i am seeing that i am a "Jack of all Trades/Crafts" but a master of none!! lol...

After i did a few painting, i rediscovered stitching and quilting and left the painting behind.

And since i am posting photos of my various hobbies/crafts, i guess i should post one of me biking. This is a photo of me biking past a potato field in blossom yesterday.... If you know of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the faster an object goes, the smaller it becomes. Well, quite obviously, i am such an accomplished biker, that i was speeding along so fast, that you are unable to detect me in the photo with the naked eye! (but, that is a field of potato blossoms taken yesterday!)

Enjoy your day!


  1. Well I think your paintings are very good, you shouldn't have given up painting! I like the third one the most, I think it's lovely.

    As to the last photo, wow! you must be a very good cyclist because I can see the grin in your face as you look at the camera in spite of the effort of pedalling!