Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quilted Symphony continued

Happy Valentine's day to all of you!

So, how is my Quilted Symphony going?  This is where I am now.

If you haven't noticed it, there is an odd piece of paper on the wall hanging saying "Do NOT Iron".  I don't want to give out too much information from the book, but you attach each new piece of the wall hanging to the previous piece by doing invisible stitching with clear monofilament.  I used YLI brand.  When using the clear monofilament, you need to use a smaller sewing machine needle and also a light weight thread for the bobbin.  I used a 40 weight beige thread.  

I will attach a photo of a section being added. 

You can above, the brown section is being added over the blue section.  I've pinned a half inch hem on the brown fabric, and then attached it with pins over the blue section.  I then run my sewing machine needle along the blue section, as close to the brown as possible using the hem stitch needle setting of my machine.  This is the result.

This is what the back looks like:

The straight stitching above appears on the blue fabric and the little zigzag to the left, is what hooks onto the brown and attaches it to the blue fabric.

Since the invisible or clear monofilament is made of plastic or similar material, if a hot iron is applied to it, the monofilament may melt or dissolve and with my very short attention span these days, I felt it was best to put a note to myself to not iron the wall hanging before I forgot.

Next I have to make two pieces to go on either side of what I have now.  What a dilemma!  I made the two pieces but wasn't sure I liked the colours I chose, so I did another set, using different colours.  I felt one was better than the other.  My husband felt differently, so I took the whole thing to some friends for their opinions.  Well, after much discussion we took a vote and the decision is in, so I hope to finish up the wall hanging tomorrow.   Oops, long walk in the park tomorrow on what is supposed to be a sunny day, with lunch afterwards.  Lots of photos too!  So maybe it will be finished Saturday!

No time to work on anything else!

And I hear that Sunday is bringing us another Nor'eastern again!  I love a good snow storm!

Enjoy your special day and talk to you soon!

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