Sunday, October 14, 2012

On vacation!

Well, I thought it would have been easier to get online to do some regular posts while away on vacation. but it is quite difficult.  The cottage we are staying at does not have Wifi but does have an outdated computer that is just barely good enough to an email or two out to family.  Even then, I get messages saying that many functions in gmail are not supported by the computer!  LOL

Anyways, we are gone for a month and it doesn't appear that I will get back on here until I get home.  I am at the Masstown Market right now in Nova Scotia.  We are having some lovely weather.  We are getting out enough on those glorious sunny fall days that when the fall rains come, we need the rest!

We have been gone for 2 weeks now and I don't know if I should say this or not, but I have taken over 5,000 pictures...   Good grief!  But there is so much to take photos of!  The fall colours are just beyond belief.  Beyond glorious!  We managed to make a 5 mile walk up Wentworth Mountain to ascend almost 1,000 feet our first week here.   We walked all of Five Island Provincial Park Beach, we drove to Cap d'Or and Cape Chignecto Provincial park.   Its been wonderful!

I will post a few and then hit the road! 

The view from the top of Wentworth Mountain

At Wentworth Provincial Park

at 5 Islands Provincial Park

Cap d'Or

Fall Colour

My new stitching project, Fine China.

Happy stitching!

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