Saturday, September 22, 2012

Walker/Rollator bag for my Mom

Howdy!  Still here!   But am not very busy.  We got hit by another bit of tropical weather from way down south the last week or so and its been so humid its hard to get anything done.  We've had alot of rain and today, yikes!  It is around 20C out there right now, at almost 9 pm with a humidex of 30C.  I am NOT amused!

I still haven't put away my summer clothes and dug out my fall clothes which I will need to pack for our trip.

When my Mom was here a few weeks ago, she was complaining about this bag that she has clipped to her walker to hold things like shopping bags, comb, bus pass, etc.   You can see the bag here on my previous post.   I think she took the bag from her old walker or my Dads walker and it didn't fit properly so I took some measurements and said I would try to make her one.  Well, on top of trying to make her bag, I went through approximately 1000 photos I took when I was visiting with her earlier this summer, and then her visit here shortly afterwards, and picked 170 to put into two albums for her.   All this took me more time that I thought I would. 

This is the front of the bag I made for her walker.

I do not have any software downloaded yet that will decrease the pixels size of the photos and I can't see where I an do that in Picasa so I hate to think about how large that photo was.

In any case, this is the back.  It has three folded over flaps that are  joined together by what we commonly call "Velco" but should be called "hook and loop". 

I used an Extra Strong "Heat and Bond" to fuse the blue floral fabric to the blue demin fabric.  It made the whole thing nice and still but I hope not too stiff.  I used a lightly flowered beige fabric for the inside.   I had no pattern and so there are alot of mistakes or issues with the bag.  In any case, I feel good that it is done and it and the photos have been packaged up and are on their way by purolator to Mom.

With the summer being extra hot and humid this year, our gardens and trees and bushes have grown in this tropical weather.  Another thing that has grown is our spiders!  Good grief!  And there are so many!

The farmer is in the field across the road baling hay.  Most grain fields have been harvested and the farmers are now digging their potatoes.  The rain we've had lately is putting a damper on that but as soon as the sun comes out, they will be back at it!
Well, here it is near the end of September and it is going to be a long uncomfortably hot and humid night for sleeping.   But the cold will be here soon enough and I LOVE autumn!

Talk to you soon and have fun!

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