Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Encrusted Crazy Quilting almost finished!

WOW! What a course! I think I have been eating and sleeping this course! It's wonderful! It certainly stretches your creative juices. At times, I found it almost profoundly difficult to get going in a particular area, and yet, once I started stitching, the ideas would pour out of my mind like a raging water falls...
In any case, this is what we were sort of aiming for on this site. (click on the word site) IE, what our blocks sort of should have looked like! LOL

I have never "Crazy Quilted" before so I had no idea what to expect. I thought my supply of fabrics was varied enough to be suitable for the class and there was an ample supply of ribbons, lace and embellishments on my shelves in containers, but I was wrong! LOL.. hence, this is what my "almost finished" block looks like:

I did some of the smaller areas of the block first, not really following instructions or understanding what the weeks instructions were, so, if I had to do the block over again, it would not look like it does, but hey, isn't that what a course is all about! LEARNING!!!

And I felt I did that. I learned lots! It was a totally enjoyable course; the notes we received in PDF format were so detailed with lots of photos or computer links to go to. I am guessing that the notes were either just shy of or just over 200 pages, one side printed only. There was an incredible amount of feedback from the instructor Sharon as well as each other, on the group site that we posted our comments/questions to and we were able to share our photos with the other class members as well. It was a lovely class and experience and I hope to be able to make many more of these wonderful blocks!

Something I will be looking forward to after Christmas is joining Sharon's "Stitchin Fingers" group. I am sadly lacking in my knowledge of the enormous varieties of stitches that are out there. Joining the group will help me commit to practicing the stitches and learning more than just the few stitches I am able to do now.

Enough for now. Later!
ps- first real snow storm of the season is due tomorrow! YIPPPYY!!

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