Saturday, March 26, 2011

Studio Journal - Lesson 2 started!

Well, Lesson 2 has been started and WOW!!!!! What I am learning!!!

Its been a while since I've painted with watercolours so I forgot that to get a dark watercolour, you need to dip heavily into your paint. In any case, I was able to get enough out of what I did to learn something. This is the before photo. Watercoloured pages, but on the left, plastic wrap applied and left to dry and on the right, salt applied.

I was so eager to post this that I admit I did not use ideal lighting conditions when taking pictures so they aren't what they should be. In any case, this is the dried watercolour with plastic wrap removed! It leaves a wonderful design in the paint. If tried with gesso, or a moulding paste or medium, this would be very interesting!!

On the other side of the page, I used a bit too much salt on my watercolour. Added it everywhere actually instead of just a spot or two, so it is all salted looking and so I can't compare it to an unsalted portion. The salt removes some of the paint. I used sea salt, which is all I had to I think perhaps course salt would remove more paint? I will have to get some and try it! But, I always wondered how to get a sandy looking area in a painting and the salt would certainly work! This is a closeup of the salted area, but not sure it helps.

This next photo shows my most favorite project yet. Our "colour of the day" project. I had fun going thru my 200 gig of photos and finding blues. The most interesting thing I found? I take too many pictures of the same darn thing!!! Get off your butt and get some inspiration girl!!! Honest to pete! So guess what I will be doing when I get this posted! Going out with the trusty camera to see what I can capture! ( I didnt' even have these glued on yet when I took the picture!!! LOL)

Well, can't wait to get back into Lesson 2! It looks just full of projects to get into and get the brain working! Talk to you soon!

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