Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art Journal still in week 2


We still have snow on the ground but if we get a few more days like today, when it got above zero Celcius it should go quickly. I hate to say it but they are calling for a 10 + cm snow storm for this saturday!! Give me a break!! It's April!

Well, I did go out for some pictures when I said I would in my post below but didn't find anything or anywhere to take photos in town. This past sunday, I went to the north shore of the island and had a whole afternoon of fun! I walked around a fishing wharf full of lobster traps and fishing pots and old anchors and hooks and had a wonderful time! The dog thought she died and went to heaven. Nothing more inviting than a fishing wharf full of fish and cat smells.

I was really lucky because the first thing I came across was some baby seals! Though we got tons of snow this past winter, our temperatures didn't get extremely cold (meaning -20 or -30 C like usual) so there wasn't much ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. As such, the grey seals, which usually use the pack ice to have their babies, had no where to go except on our beaches. I was lucky to find some babies on shore. The photos are cropped so don't think I got as close at it might appear!!!

This is a baby that hasn't started to turn colour yet, or hasn't lost its baby fur. It is still totally white.

This baby was starting to turn grey, with a dark strip down its back and the face had turned dark.

After taking a gazillion pictures of the seals, I got down to business on the wharf. One thing I learned about taking photos of a particular colour, when you go to a fishing village or wharf for photos of blue things, you are going to get the same colour blue. Everyone uses Marine Blue!!! So, in my photos below, i have a mussel shell, a javex bottle and a shot gun shell that washed up on the beach, some rope, a tarp, gravel/rocks, fish containers, various painted woods and a window with a cat!

I must say though, it was the most enjoyable afternoon walking around taking photos! Can't wait to do it again! Yes, I am totally behind in my class work, but that is the best part of the class; each person works at their own speed!

On to the next project!

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  1. Lovely post, Odarka, with all those babies and the blue colour.