Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Now, how does this blog thing work again?

Wow!  I've been gone for so long, I think I forgot how this thing works!

The last few years have been incredibly exciting for me learning new things like crazy quilting, sumptuous embellishment, landscape art quilts, etc, etc.  I really got heavily into books and blogs and online courses and last year found myself a bit overwhelmed by it all.  Mostly because I wanted to do it all.  And found it was impossible to do it all.  So, I took what I thought was going to be a very short break, and ended up being gone almost a year.  It was a good year though.

There must have been a few of us in the same position because I noticed that quite a few women from the blogs I followed took a break as well.  

I did finish some stitching UFO's.  The Hedgerow Sampler was started by me a couple of years ago, and then when I got into other things, it got left by the wayside.  Well, it is now finished.

I did press the sampler but I had a hard time photographing it so that the colours would be as true as possible.  I enjoyed stitching this sampler more than just about any other piece I have worked on.  There is a lot of work in it and almost every item on the sampler has a fair amount of back stitching in it.  In either case, it is done!   The sampler pattern is in the book "Cross Stitch - Antique Style Samplers" by Jane Greenoff.  The book is just filled with various samplers and there are a few at the back of the book that I am dying to do.  One is a backstitch or double running stitch sampler  and at the moment, I can't remember the other one I wanted to do.   If you click on the book below you can learn more about it at Amazon.


Right now, I am just a few weeks into stitching Autumn at Fox Run Hollow.  I loved that sampler the moment I saw it.  I should have bought the fabric called for but I wanted to use some of the large stash of fabrics I had and as such, I needed to adjust some of the colours.

I am into my 5th square now but these are the bottom 4 boxes complete:

I will make this first post short, but will be back regularly now.  I think blogging helps me stay on top of my work and as Martha would say, "That is a good thing".  

It has been a very long winter here with our cold spell starting in November and the snows starting in December and there is no end in sight!  We are expecting a monster of a storm (as its being called by U.S. and Canadian media) tomorrow into Thursday.  It should be interesting.

A photo taken of a small bay off of the larger Malpeque Bay in Prince Edward Island, not too far from my home.

Enjoy your day and talk to you soon!  And thanks for stopping by!

We lose ourselves in the things we love.  We find ourselves there too.


  1. En cherchant sur les samplers,je suis venue ici.
    J'aimerais vous laisser un petit mot afin de vous dire combien il m'est agréable
    d'admirer vos travaux!
    Bravo,ce sampler est magnifique
    Marie Christine

  2. Je vous remercie beaucoup Marie Christine. Vous êtes trop gentil.