Sunday, January 20, 2013

Biscornu, Weather

Life doesn't always go along like you plan it to.  

I had lots of plans for quilting and stitching these past couple of weeks but our weather has been horrible.  One day it could be as low as almost -30 C with the wind chill and then the next day +5 C and then the day after that, - 25C!  With weather like that, one is always left feeling like you're fighting the "flu of doom"!

So there is no quilting in this blog (refer to my last posts enticement! lol), but I did manage to finish my biscornu fairly quickly and really like it alot!

 I usually stuff my biscornu's quite full so they are almost hard.  It usually makes for a nicer looking biscornu.  In this instance, even though I stuffed this biscornu much lighter, or less full, it still looks a bit too full for me.  What I found was, that the more you stuffed it, the less the lacy edge stuck out and as you can see in the photo above, the edge sort of tends to hang down almost.  If you look at the biscornu in the magazine photo from my last post, the edge lays flatter and nicer.

 Okay, now that I look at the magazine article, maybe mine is better! 

It was a very easy biscornu to do, but I do admit there was ALOT of counting to do in it.  There were never any really easy places to start counting from so you pretty much had to start counting from somewhere quite far away which meant you had to do alot of two and three recounts to make sure you are in the right spot.  In any case, the biscornu is beautiful and I thank "Stitch" magazine for the wonderful pattern!

I might not have been in the mood for anything but stitching the biscornu and laying in my recliner napping, but to keep the flu at bay, which most people seem to be fighting, I did force myself to get out for fresh air no matter what the weather conditions.  

Salt marsh off Malpeque Bay Jan 9, 2013.

St. Mary's Church  same day.

Lobster traps waiting in the snow for lobster season!

Reflections in the water.

 Foggy fields Jan. 13, 2013.

 And fields in sun and shadow, same day, Jan. 13, 2013.

As a final note, Sharon Boggon of Pin Tangle, had a wonderful commentary in December about setting and meeting goals.  It's really had me thinking and I might have some musings on my own goals in my next post.

If you have time, don't forget to visit Judy Cooper's site.  She has so much interesting information to pass along!

One site that I have not been able to keep away from, is "My Sweet Prairie".  Monika's work is thrilling to see and absolutely stunning beyond belief.  I think machine "painting" is going to be put on the top of my list of things to try.

And the girls at The Sunshine Deli are always fun and colourful!

May you find passion in all that you do.

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