Sunday, March 11, 2012

TAST week 10 and weird weather but perhaps an early spring

Definitely did not get much stitching this week. First of all, I am back to the pool for morning swims a few times a week after 2 years of not swimming. All I'm going to say is.... ouch....
Surprising how much time that takes though, driving to the pool, changing, swimming laps and exercising, showering, changing, and then driving home. I would normally get a bit of housework done in that time and now, well, I'll just leave it at that... LOL

For anyone just here for the TAST project, I will post that photo first. I am trying to learn two things at once. Needlefelting art and TAST stitches which for the most part, I haven't done before. I have added quite a few of the TAST stitches to this piece but not all of them as my mind wasn't imaginative enough to think of how to do them. You will find examples of this past weeks running stitch in a few places on this piece.

Anyways, we were treated to an unexpected warm spell when the temps suddenly went up to 10C and the most tremendous winds blew in. We had a good 12 or more inches of snow across most of the yard with some 3 foot snow drifts. It is almost all gone. Just bits and pieces here and there, but it all went in one day. Good grief, what a mess!!! By 4 pm on that day, we still had snow and ice on the ground and it was blocking some of the melted snow from draining away from the house, so the house was surrounded. So out we went using whatever we could find, to dig away at the snow and chip away at the ice to get the water drained away. This isn't our house, but a house up the road from us. Photo was taken the morning after the warm day and as you can see, the ditch was full and the property was surrounded.
We were on our way to Cavendish National Park when I took this photo. At the National Park, the water rose incredibly in some low spots. To give you an idea of how much water there was from the melted ice and snow, I have two photos of the same place in the Park. The photo with the snow in it was taken last week, and the one with the high water was taken just this past friday.

I started taking some photos yesterday of a new project I was trying out but it just didn't work out at all. I tried water colouring onto cotton fabric to create a scene and then I was going to machine "paint" on it with different coloured threads and then add some hand stitching. The watercolour paints were way too light and it barely shows up at all.. Ummm should I mention that I ironed the piece to "set" the colour, using a piece of paper towelling underneath and unfortunately, the paper towel had a lovely sort of puffed design on it and that design showed up on the little bit of colour that did stay on the fabric. At least that happened on a piece that I don't care about and not a piece that turned out well.

There isn't really a storm or anything coming in but there is a bit of snow predicted for this afternoon tho it won't amount to much, if anything. In any case, it is affecting my arthritis and that of my husband so it has become a competition with us today to see who can out-moan the other with our aches and pains. Sounds pleasant, eh? LOL

Anyways, the Canada geese are starting to return to the island, warm temps are predicted for almost every day next week, and the end to this cold and snow is in sight!

If you have some time on your hands and like a good hearty laugh, you might want to read the short stories on this web page. They are wonderful!!!

Have a lovely day!

and todays little ditty:

The Goat

There was a man, now please taken note,
There was a man, who had a goat.
He lov'd that goat, indeed he did,
He lov'd that goat, just like a kid.

One day that goat felt frisk and fine,
Ate three red shirts from off the line.
The man he grabbed him by the back,
And tied him to a railroad track.

But when the train hove into sight,
That goat grew pale and green with fright.
He heaved a sigh, as if in pain,
Coughed up those shirts and flagged the train.
Author Unknown

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