Monday, December 5, 2011

Encrusted Crazy Quilting finished!

I probably shouldn't make a post right now as I have a gazillion things that need doing this afternoon and it's 2 pm now! YIKES!

In any case, I had to put my quilting block away for a couple of weeks. The mind went blank and I think it had to do with just being too frustrated at not being able to get the beads, thread colours, buttons, etc that I wanted to use on the block. In fact, I was so upset with it, I actually packed up all the supplies I had and put everything on the shelf. I packed it so well that when I went to work on the block, I couldn't find it as I packed it away with the supplies!

Two things happened in the meantime. I made a trip into the big city, Charlottetown, and visited Fabricville. They just got in a wonderful display of Gutermann glass and bugle beads and sequins in the most amazing colours. Prices start at about $5 though and go up past $8 for one item. OUCH! Anyways, I bought a container of glass beads and when I went to pay for it was told there was a buy one get two free sale on that day so I ran to pick up two more items. Of course, all the way home, and I had a long drive to think about it, I kept asking myself why I didn't run and pick up 5 or 8 or 11 more????? DRATS!!!!!!!!! I was not thrilled with the price of silk being $29 a metre so will have to wait for a REALLY good sale and see if I can pick up quarter metres of it.

Anyways, some time away from the block and 3 new beads seemed to awaken my creative juices. Saturday I dug out my block and started working on it. I can't believe it but between Saturday, Sunday and today, I probably spent an additional 10 to 15 MORE hours on the block. Amazing. In any case, I did relax a tremendous amount from when I worked on the block during the course. When I relaxed, the mind went silly and the stitching began. I expanded some areas that were too tight and just went wiggly niggly adding things here and there and not worrying too much about "Matching", just having some fun. I did reread Tahlia's and Sharon's and classmates messages to me a number of times and used their suggestions as a starting point. Thank you very much ladies!

This is the completed block with some close ups of various parts of the block. I went outside to photograph it which is why the colour is a bit weird I guess. Hope it shows up.

I had alot of fun doing these flowers. Another first for me. The ribbon I used for it was way too wide and I had take out the spider wheel a number of times before it actually started to come together. I have searched in town and in the big city for very thin ribbon and there really isn't any so that will have to go on my shopping list for my next visit to Ontario. And yes, that is a spider web and spider on the block!
I tried to do a bit of overlapping, as was suggested. I'm not sure how well the photographs show it, but its there to a small degree. Again, in hindsite, I might have done things different if I had to do it all again, but I certainly learned lots and that is what it is all about. I also thought of adding some creative stitching here and there, but I am a little pressed for time and really needed to finish the block, plain and simple.

This last picture below was sort of my biggest frustration the last day or two. I wanted to make some red Buttonhole loop flowers on that dark green vine and I did not have a #12 perle cotton in a colour that was bright enough for the vine so I used DMC floss instead and was not thrilled with the results as all the loops twisted and only 2 or 3 stayed open as they were supposed to. Nothing in life is perfect, so I will use the imperfect loops as just being a part of life. They sort of look like rose buds so I am happy with that, but, (with a great big sigh!) I can see I need to add some bright coloured perle cottons to my shopping list! The buttonhole loops are the bright red flowers (blobbettes) in the two photos below.

Well, that's it for me. I have a whole slew of veggies to chop up for a dish I am making for our Stitching Guilds Christmas pot luck this evening and just got a call from someone saying I need to be there with the key a whole lot earlier and I am soooooo behind!

This course has been a real joy and if you are interested in stretching your creative self or exciting yourself, take a look here for a list of Sharon's courses!

There is so much to do between now and Christmas! I hope to get back in here before Christmas, but, if I don't, Merry Christmas and all the best that the world offers in the New Year!

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