Friday, September 16, 2011

Part 2 of Sumptuous Surfaces Finished!


Another post, another birthday. Best wishes to my older brother on his 63rd birthday today! WOW! Do I ever feel old! I'm only 5 years behind him! His wife's birthday is the same day as mine I think and is coming up so Happy Birthday to her as well!

It's September and fall has come to PEI. The sea grass is turning its bronzy gold colour and the sea is just a bit darker and colder looking. But, it is all quite spectacular!

Went out for a drive the other day and couldn't believe that we saw 3 eagles that day and me without a good telescopic lens!!! Double drats and crap!
I finished part 2 of the Sumptuous Surfaces course and am quite pleased with the results. I had a bit of a vision of what I wanted when I started the piece but not really knowing very many stitches or too much about where certain stitches would look best, I just sort of plugged along until it felt right. There were alot of stitches taken out, almost as many as those remaining, but again, it very much resembles what I had in mind.
A bit of a close up below.

One small thing though, is that I'm not sure how I want to frame it but it will be nice to try different things until I find something that feels right. I might ask Sharon when I take her next class which starts mid October.

Next project? It's just a small one. In the September 2011 issue of Cross-Stitch and Needlework Magazine, they have an article on making "Autumn Thumbtacks". The thumbtack idea wasn't too appealing to me but I liked the idea of stitching up a small pattern and making it into a button and instead of gluing a thumbtack to the back, I would glue one of a pair of magnets to the back to use on my fabric when stitching as a needle minder. It is complete and I have also attached a piece of ribbon to it to hold a needle threader. I'm not sure the glue I used is strong enough but it is taking longer to dry than I thought so hopefully I will have pictures to put on here real soon!

Enjoy the wonderful cool weather!

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