Sunday, December 12, 2010

I discovered needle felting!

Just what i didn't need!!! Another hobby!!!
I went to an all day workshop a few weeks ago on how to do needle felting, a course given by Joyce Gill of Charlottetown, and it was wonderful! Joyce was inspirational and as always, a great instructor. And now, i have bags of wool roving of every colour and pretty soon, we will have to move into the back shed as the house will be full of our hobby things!

All you need is a bit of wool roving, a thick sponge or a piece of styrofoam and some needles for felting, (assuming you will be needle felting and not hot water felting).

You take your wool roving, decide what you want to make, and start poking! WOW!!! Its great!!!

Here are all the small things i have made since the class. There is a bird brooch ( or pin) to the left with beads for legs, a blue brooch with small beads in the flower centre, my Santa face, a small fish and a rock and small container to the left of the fish.

This Santa face is my favorite. I learned alot doing this piece and considering it was the first face i made, i'm pretty happy with it. I want to make more!!!

This next project is actually done with hot water and not a needle.

I took the little rock, about 3 inches long, in the bottom of the photo, wrapped it with 3 different colours of roving, then wrapped it with some varigated thread and then put the whole thing in a cloth to keep it from falling apart. I then dipped it in very very hot water and squeezed it with my hands for about 15 or 20 minutes and then took it out of the cloth and rubbed the piece on a rough surface for a short while, always dipping it in hot water until it seemed to be one piece. I then squeezed out as much water as i could and let it dry. It took a few days to dry. Then, i took a razor blade and carefully cut around the wool, which is wrapped around the rock. You now have a lovely homemade little container for gift giving, or your own things. I love this!

Well, i won't make any promises, but, hope to see you again soon! And Didi, ummm sorry? LOL

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  1. Girl you've got a nerve.... coming here after all this time to show us all these pretty things (santa's face is my favourite!).... I know why you like this new technique, it's because what kids would like to be playing at!(as you have to leave your felts to dry for several days perhaps you can take advantage of the time and update your blog?