Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bargello Quilt Wallhanging and other happenings....


Well, I got a project completed that has been vexing me for quite some time. I took an evening class in bargello and have finished the top of the wallhanging, but I just didn't know how I wanted to quilt it. Other than "stitching in the ditch" I haven't done any other machine quilting. And so the wallhanging sat.

Thanks to a "UFO Challenge" put on by the local quilt guild that i belong to, I got prodded into finishing this project and if it wasn't finished by next months meeting, I would have to pay the guild $25! Where there's money involved, there is always ambition!

Here is my Bargello wallhanging, the colours chosen because my kitchen is lime green and I wanted something to go in the kitchen!

I don't think it shows up very well, but I chose to do was a sun and sun ray theme in quilting the wallhanging. In the lower left corner are 3 quarter circles and then there are 5 rays coming out from it going to the border of the quilt. I am not taking close ups of this wallhanging as I don't want you to see the mistakes! I got some pretty good puckers along the top of the quilt unfortunately.

And, for my friend the slow poke (who in reality has probably finished this sampler), I'm sorry but I just can't help myself!!!! I am back to working my hardanger, but every once in a while, I just have to do a few more stitches on our Black Sheep Sampler!

I am also working on a quilt. Fabric below! I have 9 shades of rose colours, dark to light, and 9 shades of greens, dark to light. You cut 9 squares from all the fabrics and sew them together. In other words, each of 9 squares of one shade of rose, is sewn to one shade of all nine shades of green. THAT IS ALOT OF SQUARES! You can see that to sew them together, you draw a diagonal line on the back of one of the squares, sew 1/4 inch away from that line, on either side of that line, cut the line after you do the sewing, you end up with 2 squares and then, you press open the squares. You then take 2 squares again, and match them up and do the whole thing again, draw the diagonal line, sew on either side of it and cut them apart. You end up with one square with 4 different colours in it. I am in the process of doing the second sewing. The squares on the right side of the pile and the fabric left over is on the left side!

Well, i'm sure you figured out by now that i love taking nature photos, but don't spend too much time prettying up my photos for the blog. No time!

Enjoy your day and hopefully, i'll be back a bit sooner next time!


  1. OMG! At first I thought you were going to charge me a fee for not doing my homework !!!!!(I would have stayed up all night...)
    I love your bargello! (lol, I hope everyone knows what your bargello is..)
    I didn't need a close up photo becaue I cliked on it and it went HUGE all of a sudden and I didn't see any pucks around. By the way I have been working hard on my black sheep and I am now exactly in the same place as I was: that if letter F. (F for: "fuck" I'm way behind!

    And finally I'm wondering what the lovely patch fabrics will turn in to.

  2. well okay, if a bet is all you needed!!! The loser has to buy the winner a lambourghini! Is that enough incentive for you!
    And i was thinking of stopping at the letter "S" as i kept thinking of your "S"hitty excuses! lol...

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